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The INTERMACH Horizon team is honored to interview Khun Duangjai Asawachintachit, Deputy Secretary General of the Thailand Board of Investment, regarding BOI policies to encourage investment from major corporations in SME.

SME entrepreneurs are playing a key role in building a strong foundation for the country. They are also important for the distribution of income from the business sector to the grassroots (people) sector.

“gerenga designs and manufactures a variety of machinery. We communicate one-on-one with customers so that we understand exactly what they want. We are invited by customers to visit and discuss with them solutions for improving their production...

Our company started as a distributor of piston pumps. Back then there were only a few companies in Thailand selling this product. Over time we developed a strong market share and a good reputation. Today, SIRIWAT is well known in the industry....

Selling the machine over the past few decades is not an easy task, winning the counterparty’s heart endlessly is even harder. Wongtanawoot rised from selling variety of used machine tools from Japan to the Thai Steel Industrial Fabricators since 1990...

When we started our business in Japan we were not very well known. Our products weren’t listed with the 108 major Japanese industries and like the movie industry, we just played ‘supporting roles’ in the manufacturing industry...

Teerachaiphaisal Engineering Co., Ltd. was founded in 1980. In the beginning we were just a trading company, then after a while we started to import products from abroad. We then became sole distributor for many foreign imported products. ..

Top Industrial Machinery Exhibition and Subcontracting Event for Procuring Industrial Parts
Recently, Thailand’s Cabinet approved a proposal from the Ministry of Industry entitled: “10 Target Industries: Mechanical Drivers for the Economy of The future”. It was a long-term program to determine the structure of Thailand’s manufacturing in order to achieve greater efficiency. It also contained the ability to enhance competiveness while it continued to support the economy overall.

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